Pay an employee for working a public holiday

If an employee works on a public holiday, you'll need to add a time and a half pay item to their payslip during a pay run so that they're paid correctly.

Before you start

Before you pay an employee for working a public holiday, make sure you've:

  • Set up a time and a half earnings type for your organisation

    Set up pay items for your organisation

  • Assigned a holiday group to the employee so that the public holidays appear in their payslips

Add time and a half earnings to an employee

  1. In a pay run for the period that includes the public holiday worked, click + Add New Earnings and click the time and a half pay item.
  2. Enter the number of hours that the employee worked for time and a half.
  3. Under Earnings, zero out the hours for the public holiday that the employee worked.

    Image showing Earnings screen.

  4. Under Leave Accruals in the Alternative Holidays line, add the standard number of hours for a day (the hours that the employee accrued for working the public holiday).

    Image showing leave accruals.

  5. Click Save & Close.
  6. Process the pay run.