Upload multiple employees into payroll

Upload basic data for multiple employees, up to 200 in total, including their last 12 months' pay history, so you don't have to enter it yourself.

Before you start

Make sure you've:

  • Set the opening balance date.
  • Set up the payroll accounts and pay calendars.

    Set up payroll in Xero

  • Only include up to 200 employees in total.

Download sample spreadsheet

This process uses a template file for employee data and a second file for the pay history. Download the sample spreadsheets here:

Sample Employee Upload File (CSV)

Sample Earnings Upload File (CSV)

Overwrite or delete the pre-loaded sample information when you start entering real data.

For further help with formatting or understanding the headings and examples in these CSV files, view the Field descriptions used in payroll upload templates.

Save the file and send it to Xero

Once you've entered your data, you must save it in CSV format and send it to Xero Support.

  1. Invite Xero Support as a user in your organisation with Payroll Admin access.
  2. Contact Xero Support and include the:
    • Name of your Xero organisation in the email.
    • Attach the employee and earnings upload files.
Your email must include both files otherwise Xero support won't be able to process your request.

Xero Support will notify you when the upload is ready for you to review.

Review uploaded employee information

Before processing your first pay run, review the payroll information in Xero. Then set up the following if needed:

  • Add earnings, reimbursements and deductions into the employee's pay template.
  • Add additional bank accounts for employees with more than one.
  • Assign a holiday group to all employees.
  • Assign employees to an employee group.

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