Change an employee's salary and wages details

Update salary and wage information for an employee already included in a draft or posted pay run.

Update your employee's salary and wage details

Salary and wage details are locked for employees once you include them in a draft or posted pay run. To change these details:

  1. In the Payroll menu, select Employees.
  2. Click the employee's name to open their details.
  3. Click the Employment tab.
  4. Click New Salary & Wages.
  5. Enter the employee's new salary and wage details.
  6. Under Effective Date, select when you want the changes to start.
  7. Click Add and then click Save.

The new details are shown as Pending until a pay run is created on, or after, the effective date. After this, the status changes to Active and the old details are removed.

Make changes effective during a pay run

If you want to make changes in the middle of a pay run:

  1. Update your employee's salary and wage details.

  2. Go to Payroll, then click Pay Runs.

  3. If you have already created a draft pay run, click Process Pay Run.

    If you haven't already created draft pay run, select the pay period you want to update from the menu, then click Process Pay Run.

  4. Click the employee's name to open their details.

  5. Click Reset Payslip to make sure all your changes appear in the updated pay run.

    You will now see both the existing rate and a line with the new rate on the employee's Earnings payslip. Edit the number of hours in each line to show the correct total number of hours for that employee during the pay period.

    For example, if the employee works 40 hours in each pay run, you might change the details to show 16 hours at the old rate, and 24 at the new rate.

    Pay run showing two lines with different earnings for one employee.

  6. Click Save.

When you create pay runs from now on, only the most recently added salary and wages line will appear with the correct rate and total number of hours.