Create a new expense in Xero

If you have approver status in Xero Expenses, you can capture receipts and create new expenses in Xero, for yourself and other employees.

Access to the new Xero Expenses feature is currently restricted to a selection of businesses in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and USA. It'll be more widely available soon.
  1. In the Accounts menu, select New Expense Claims.
  2. Click New expense claim.
  3. Click Select file to upload an image of your expense receipt, or drag and drop an image into the field from another folder.
  4. Select an employee from Spent by.
  5. (Optional) Enter the reason for purchase under Description.
  6. Enter a street address in the Spent at field.
  7. Select a date in the Spent on field.
  8. Select an Account to charge the expense against.
  9. (Optional) Apply tracking categories in the Region or Label fields.
  10. Select either Subtotal incl. tax or Subtotal excl. tax, and enter a subtotal.
  11. Click:
    • Save draft to finalise and submit later.
    • Submit to send the expense claim to your approver.
    • Approve if you are the approver and want to process the claim.

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