Awaiting Payment sales invoices

View and manage invoices that are awaiting payment (sometimes called accounts receivable). You can view and apply payments and credit notes, copy and void the invoices, make them repeat regularly, and add expected payment dates.

Apply a payment

Credit an invoice

Edit an invoice

View, email, print, send, repeat, void, copy an invoice

Add a note or an expected date

You can get to an invoice that's awaiting payment from the Sales screen, or by drilling down from credit notes, certain reports, customer statements or invoice payments in your bank account.

Image showing Awaiting payment invoice.

What can you do with invoices awaiting payment?

Find invoice

Depending on your a user role you might only see invoices that you created.

Invoice Invoice

Credited invoice Invoice with credit note

Approved invoices are available from a couple of places:

  • Select the invoice from the Awaiting Payment tab.
  • Select an invoice directly off an Awaiting Payment or Paid credit note - invoices will have an Awaiting Payment status if the credit note did not fully credit the invoice i.e. there is still an amount outstanding.

Invoices automatically imported from an Xero connected app will show a link to the original invoice in the other system.


Record payment of an invoice

Apply a payment

Editable fields under the Awaiting Payment invoice are available for recording a payment.

Receive payment for an invoice

  • You can enter a full or part payment (as many as required). You can also make a full payment on the invoice during bank reconciliation by simply reconciling the full payment received to the Awaiting Payment invoice. If you have received a part payment, you must enter this onto the invoice before you can reconcile it.
  • Any payments already recorded on the invoice will be included in the balance due - click on a payment to view its details.
  • A fully paid invoice will change its status to 'Paid'.
  • If you've entered a PayPal address as part of your branding theme, this will display on the PDF version of the invoice that is received by your customers so that they can link directly through to PayPal. The link does not appear on screen on the Awaiting Payment invoice, only on the PDF. Learn more about receiving and managing PayPal payments in add a PayPal account in Xero and set up an automatic feed.


Credit the invoice

If the customer has outstanding credit you should allocate existing credit before adding a new credit note for them

Add a credit note directly to the Awaiting Payment invoice for some or all of the amount outstanding on the invoice using the 'Add Credit Note' option on the Invoice Options button.

Add credit note from unpaid invoice.

This will create a credit note specific to this invoice with the details of the invoice already copied into it. You can approve and apply the credit note to the invoice, or save it as draft, which will break the tie with this invoice. The credit note can be approved later and allocated to this or another invoice as required.

Allocate existing credit

If the customer has existing unallocated (unused) credit in Xero, the total amount of credit available will be shown above the payment panel on the invoice. This option does not display if there are no Awaiting Payment credit notes for this customer - if you have any Draft or Awaiting Approval credit notes that you want to use up, you'll need to approve them first.

Image showing how to allocate credit to an invoice.

You can allocate some or all of the available credit to this invoice.


You can edit all fields if no part-payments have been made.

  1. Go to Accounts, then click Sales.
  2. Click Awaiting Payment.
  3. Click the invoice to open it.
  4. From Invoice Options, click Edit.
  5. Make your changes and click Update.

We have detailed help on the invoice fields, saving and approving if you need it.

Changing GST on awaiting payment invoices or bills might impact any GST reports you've submitted to the IRD, or any invoices and credit notes sent to your customer.


Preview invoice

Click Preview to see how your branding theme looks, and check your data entry.

Image showing preview link.

Email/Send or Print
  • If the invoice has already been sent, this will display on the invoice and you can remove this as necessary by clicking the 'Unmark as sent' link.
Invoice Options

Click Invoice Options for a list of other actions you can perform on an Awaiting Payment invoice.

The options may vary from invoice to invoice.

Send via Xero Network (only if set up)

An extra option 'Send via Xero Network' will display in the Invoice Options list (as well as the Send button already displayed on the invoice) only if you have set entered this customer's network key.

You can't send invoices from Xero to Xero if the invoice has payments or credit notes attached to it.


All invoices that were not automatically generated as a repeating invoice (or have had their repeating schedule deleted) can be used as a template for a new repeating invoice.


Invoices that have been approved cannot be deleted but can be voided (as long as no payments have been made.) If you void an invoice with a credit note attached to it, the credit amount will be reversed on the original credit note - this may return the credit note from a Paid to an Awaiting Payment status if the entire amount of the credit note was applied to the invoice just voided. For best accounting practice you should credit an invoice rather than voiding it. You should only void an invoice where that invoice has not been sent or issued. For how to credit invoices you should speak to your accountant or bookkeeper. For more information on Credit Notes in Xero please see our Credit Notes help.


A copy of an invoice in any status will be created.


As above, you may edit the invoice.

Add Credit Note

As long as there is a balance outstanding on the invoice you can add one or more credit notes for the invoice. You can only add credit notes from invoices that are Awaiting Payment.

Turn invoice reminders off or on

If you have reminders set up for your organisation, turn them off for an invoice or for a customer.

Share invoice

Share a private online link to your awaiting payment or paid invoice with your customer. When they click the link, the invoice opens in their browser. If you've added a payment service, your customer can pay you directly from the invoice. They won't be able to see any other Xero information for your organisation.

Payments & credit notes

Any payments or credit notes already applied to the invoice will be included in the balance due - click on a payment or credit note to view its details.

History & Notes

Show history and add a note

View the history for invoices awaiting payment.

Expected payment date to the invoice

You can add an expected payment date to an unpaid invoice.

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