Start your Xero organisation again

If you've entered incorrect data into your organisation, you may wish to start again in a new organisation. You can do this by exporting your data from the old organisation, editing it as you need, then importing into a new Xero organisation. However, before you do this, check if you can fix your data instead.

Can you fix data instead of starting again?

Check if any of these scenarios apply to you before you start again. There might be an easier fix.

Do you need to delete or void invoices or bills?

Delete or void an invoice

Delete or void a bill

Delete or void a credit note

Do you have duplicates or mismatched bank statement lines?

Delete an account transaction

Unreconcile an account transaction

Have you imported the wrong statements?

Delete imported statements

Delete imported statement lines

Move imported statements to another bank account or organisation in Xero

If none of the above scenarios apply to you, you may want to start again.

How to start again before you delete your organisation

You'll add a new Xero organisation first of all. Next, you'll export all the data you need from your original organisation. You can then make corrections or changes before you import each file into your new organisation.

  1. Add another organisation.
  2. (Optional) Export:
  3. Make any corrections or changes you need to in each export file.
  4. Import each file into your new organisation.
  5. Once you're confident you have everything you need in your new organisation, you can cancel your original trial or cancel your original subscription.
  6. Transfer direct feeds you've set up to your new organisation.