Purchase a Xero subscription

Choose a pricing plan and enter your billing details when you're ready to pay for Xero. Xero will prompt you to do this while you're adding your organisation, or when you move your trial organisation to a pricing plan. We'll send you an online subscription invoice each month.

Choose a pricing plan

The first step in purchasing your Xero subscription is choosing a monthly pricing plan that suits your business. You have several options available, and you can also add payroll to your plan.

  1. Select a pricing plan.
  2. Select Add Payroll if you want to add payroll to your plan.
  3. Enter a promo code if you have one.

    If you're getting an error when entering your promo code, get in touch with Xero Support and provide us with a link to the page where you originally clicked through to sign up.

  4. Click Continue to billing details.

    Image of the pricing plan screen.

Set up your billing account details

After you've chosen a pricing plan, set up your billing account with the payment details for your organisation. You can have a billing account for each organisation, use one billing account that pays for many organisations, or a combination of both.

A billing account must have:

  • A billing email address
  • Debit or credit card, or direct debit details

If you've already set up a billing account for another organisation, you can use it for your new organisation. Otherwise, if you don't have an existing billing account, or you want a separate account for your new organisation, you need to set one up.

Use an existing billing account

If you have an existing billing account and want to use it for your new subscription, click Add to this account to add the organisation to that account.

Add to an existing billing account example

Create a new billing account

If you want to create a new billing account for your organisation, enter the following:

  • Person to Bill - The name of the person or company invoices are addressed to.
  • Email - The email where Xero will send your invoices.
  • Phone, Country, and postal address (optional) - The address details that will appear on your invoices.

Contact details input screen

Before entering your payment details for your subscription, please review the details of your billing account if you:

  • Added your new organisation to an existing billing account, the number of organisations will be shown on the summary.
  • Added a promo code, you can see the discount that is going to be applied to your subscription.
  • Need to change your pricing plan or contact details, use the links on the Payment Details screen.

Enter your payment details

You can use any of these payment types to pay for your Xero subscription:

  • Visa debit and credit cards
  • MasterCard debit and credit cards
  • Direct debit

To pay by credit or debit card:

  1. Select Credit Card.
  2. Enter the details of your credit or debit card.
  3. Click Authorise Payment.

Xero does not store your credit card details, they are stored with our secure payment provider.

To pay by direct debit:

  1. Click Direct Debit.
  2. In Direct Debit Details, enter the details of the account you want us to deduct your monthly Xero subscription from.
  3. Choose an option for submitting your direct debit authority:
  4. Click Authorise Payment.
Please check with your bank if you're not sure if the account you want to use is a New Zealand bank account that supports direct debit.

Submitting your direct debit details electronically

To submit your direct debit details electronically, you must confirm you're an authorised signatory with the authority to operate the specified bank account in your own right.

If you are not an authorised signatory or are a dual signatory to the bank account, you must submit the direct debit authority manually and have the form signed by the authorised signatories.

You'll receive an email confirmation once you have reviewed and confirmed your billing details which you can print for your records as necessary. The email confirmation will be sent to you using the address you're currently logged in with.


Submitting your direct debit details manually

If you've chosen to submit your direct debit details manually, you'll be prompted to print, sign and send us the direct debit authority form once you've reviewed and confirmed your billing details.

Please make sure you send us the form as soon as possible. Until we receive it, we can't process your direct debit request with your bank. This may result in you receiving overdue subscription invoices from us if we can't get payment from your bank.

You can edit your billing account to view or reprint your direct debit form. It will also show whether we've received your form.

Review and confirm your subscription and payment details

The final step in purchasing your Xero subscription is reviewing the summary and confirming the details of your billing account.

If you:

  • Added your new organisation to an existing billing account, all organisations will be listed on the summary
  • Pay by direct debit and submitted your authority form manually, you can see if we've received your form
  • Need to change your pricing plan, contact, or payment details, use the links on the Billing Summary screen

After you have reviewed your subscription and payment details, click Authorise Payment.

You will be temporarily charged with a small amount to validate your card. This will be reversed by your card provider within 7-10 days.

Your organisation will be added to the list on the My Xero Home tab.

For information on when you'll be billed, please see Understanding the invoice and payment.

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