Embed your Xero user profile on another site

Find out how to embed your Xero user profile on your website, blog or customer relationship management system (CRM) and customise the details which display.

Embedding means inserting a snippet of code in a web page so that information from an external site displays on it. If you're not confident doing this, ask your website administrator, developer or designer.

How your embedded profile appears will depend on your web page's settings. Please note:

  • The minimum width for your embedded profile is 180px.
  • The maximum width for your embedded profile is 500px.

Embed your profile on a web page

  1. At the top right of the screen, click on your name and select Profile.

    Image showing profile card under user name and Profile selected in the menu under it.

    If your profile is public, you'll see your profile page. If your profile is private, you'll see the Profile Settings page, where you need to set your profile to public before you can proceed.

  2. Click Embed your profile on another site.

    Image showing 'Embed your profile on another site' link under profile headshot.

  3. Under Display Options, check or unSelect the checkboxes next to Community Activity and Company Details to include or exclude that information.
  4. Highlight everything in the box on the left and copy it to your clipboard.

    Image showing user copying code from the Embed Code field.

  5. Go to your external site's code view.
  6. Place your cursor at the desired point in the page code and paste the copied code.

    Image showing snippet of profile code showing in HTML of a web page.