Change your subscription debit or credit card, or direct debit details

If you're your organisation's Xero subscriber, update your billing debit or credit card, or direct debit details. This changes the billing details for all organisations on this billing account.

Xero accepts only these payment types

  • Visa debit and credit cards
  • MasterCard debit and credit cards
  • Direct debit

Change your subscription payment details

  1. From the header, click the list icon Image showing the list icon, then select My Xero.
  2. Click the Subscriptions & Billing tab. If you're not the subscriber, you'll see no billing accounts. You'll need to find and email the subscriber.

    You can also access your subscription options from within an organisation. In the Settings menu, select Subscription, then click Manage Subscription to show the options in a new browser window.

  3. For the organisation you want to change payment details for, click Edit billing account.

    Image of the Subscriptions & Billing screen with the 'Edit billing account link' selected.

  4. Under Payment Details, click Edit.

    Image showing the Billing Summary screen and Payment Details Edit link.

  5. To change your credit or debit card details:
    1. On the How would you like to pay? screen, click Credit Card.
    2. In Credit Card Details, enter the details of your credit or debit card.
    3. Click Confirm.

      Enter credit card details

  6. Xero doesn't store your credit card details. These are stored with our secure payment provider.
  7. To change your direct debit details:
    1. On the How would you like to pay? screen, click Direct Debit.
    2. In Direct Debit Details, enter the details of the account you want us to deduct your monthly Xero subscription from.
    3. Choose an option for submitting your direct debit authority:
    4. Click Continue.
    Please check with your bank if you're unsure whether the account you want to use is a New Zealand bank account that supports direct debit.

    Image of Direct Debit Details screen.

Submitting your direct debit details electronically

To submit your direct debit details electronically, you must confirm you're an authorised signatory with the authority to operate the specified bank account in your own right.

If you are not an authorised signatory or are a dual signatory to the bank account, you must submit the direct debit authority manually and have the form signed by the authorised signatories.


You'll receive an email confirmation once you have reviewed and confirmed your billing details which you can print for your records as necessary. The email confirmation will be sent to you using the address you're currently logged in with.

Image showing DD created confirmation.

Submitting your direct debit details manually

If you've chosen to submit your direct debit details manually, you'll be prompted to print, sign and email us the direct debit authority form once you've reviewed and confirmed your billing details.

DD Print

Please make sure you email us the form as soon as possible. Until we receive it, we can't process your direct debit request with your bank. This may result in you receiving overdue subscription invoices from us if we can't get payment from your bank.

To view or reprint your direct debit form, simply edit your billing account.