Enter multiple manual journals using an import template

Add multiple draft manual journals at once by entering the details into a CSV template and importing it into Xero.

You need the Adviser user role to download or import a manual journal template.
  1. Download a manual journal template file from Xero
  2. Enter journal details into the template
  3. Save your file in CSV format
  4. Import the template file back into Xero

Download a manual journal template file from Xero

  1. In the Adviser menu, select Manual Journals.
  2. Click Import.
  3. Click Download template file.

Image showing user hovering over 'Download template file' link.

Enter journal details into the template

In a spreadsheet editor such as Microsoft Excel, open the manual journal template file you've downloaded from Xero. The column headings in the first row guide you what to enter in each column.

Image showing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

You can import up to 300 lines in one template file.

You can use one CSV template to create:

Enter journal details into these fields:

  • Narration
  • One narration for each manual journal. Use the same narration and date for each group of rows you want to import as lines in the same journal. This field is mandatory.

  • Date
  • This field is mandatory.

    Date format needs to be either dd/mm/yyyy or dd mmm yyyy. For example, 30/6/2015 or 30 Jun 2015.

  • Description
  • You can have a different description for each row or journal line. This field is optional.

  • AccountCode
  • AccountCode is the account code number from your chart of accounts. For example, 200, not 200 - Sales. This field is mandatory.

  • TaxRate
  • Enter the full tax rate name as it appears in your tax settings in Xero. For example, '15% GST on Expenses'. This field is mandatory.

  • Amount
  • Amount will be treated as debit if the amount is positive, or credit, if negative. This field is mandatory.

  • TrackingName1 and TrackingOption1, TrackingName2 and TrackingOption2
  • Enter the tracking category and related tracking option within the category that you want to use with the journal. These fields are optional. However, they must be valid values in Xero, and the value entered for the option must match the category.

    In the Settings menu, select General Settings, then click Tracking to see your tracking categories and options.

    Set up tracking categories to monitor different areas of your business

If you leave both date and narration cells blank, Xero will treat that row as belonging to the same journal as the row above it.

Save your file in CSV format

Save your file with .csv as the file extension. For example, you might name your file 2015Journals.csv.

Import the template file back into Xero

  1. In Xero, return to the Import Manual Journal screen and click Browse. Select your file.
  2. Click Import to upload the file and create a draft manual journal in Xero. (Or click Cancel to return to the previous screen.)
  3. Review the message in Xero and click Complete Import if you're happy with the results.