Set up invoice reminders

Set up and turn on automatic invoice reminders to send customers an email when their invoice is due or overdue.

Image of invoice reminders setup information on the Sales screen.

Before you start

For invoice reminders to work, you'll need:

  • The Adviser or Standard user role
  • A current email address in your Xero contacts for each customer you want to receive reminders
  • To mark as sent, any invoices you want reminders for

Any customer replies go to the login email of the person that first turns reminders on. You can edit this address.

Change the reminder 'reply to' address

Turn on your invoice reminders

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Sales.
  2. Click the Awaiting Payment panel.
  3. By the clock icon Image of the clock icon., click Invoice reminders off.
  4. Select the Email customers when an invoice is checkbox.

    If you save now, Xero's default reminders will be sent for all invoices you've marked as sent.

  5. (Optional) Edit or delete the default reminders, or add your own.
  6. (Optional) Select the Include a link to the invoice PDF checkbox to include PDF invoice links in all reminders.
  7. (Optional) Select the Don't send reminders for amounts owing on an invoice under checkbox, then enter an amount.

    If you choose to include PDF links or not send reminders for smaller amounts, your settings are applied to all reminders.

  8. Click Save. The clock icon shows that reminders are on for your organisation. They'll be sent for all invoices that are marked as sent.