Untracked inventory

Use untracked inventory items to speed up data entry when you enter invoices, bills and other transactions. You can enter a description of your item, specify the purchase and sale prices, and allocate accounts to track purchases and sales. Untracked inventory is not an inventory control function and Xero doesn't track balances. Untracked inventory is suitable for both goods and services.

Xero gives you options for managing your inventory.

Options for managing inventory in Xero

To access Inventory, go to Accounts, then select Inventory.

Talk to your accountant or bookkeeper if you're unsure if untracked inventory is right for your organisation.

Use untracked inventory day to day

Add an item to your inventory list

Import inventory items into Xero

Edit or delete items

Update multiple inventory items

View an item

Mark an inventory item as inactive

Mark an inventory item as active

Sort and search items

Export inventory items out of Xero

Convert untracked items to tracked items

Accounting for inventory

How does Xero account for inventory?

Troubleshooting for Inventory

Troubleshooting for inventory

Monitor your inventory

Inventory Item Details report

Inventory Item List report

Inventory Item Summary report

Sales by Item report