Convert a tracked inventory item to untracked when you haven't used it yet

You can convert these tracked inventory items to untracked by editing the item details or, for a larger number of items, by using the simple export and reimport process. You can use these processes if you haven't imported an opening balance or made any adjustments to the item.

We recommend you consult with your accountant or bookkeeper before making any inventory adjustments.

Convert a small number of tracked items

When you select your inventory item and click Edit item, you'll be able to uncheck the I track this item checkbox.

Image showing checkbox unselected.

Convert many tracked items at once

Instead of unchecking the box for each item individually, you can convert many items at once by exporting your inventory item list, making changes to it and re-importing it.

  1. Go to Accounts, then select Inventory.

  2. Click Export, then select CSV.

    Xero will download all your inventory items to a CSV file on your computer.

  3. Navigate to the CSV file on your computer and open it.

  4. On the rows of the items you want to convert from tracked to untracked, delete the account codes in the InventoryAssetAccount and CostofGoodsSoldAccount columns. Do not delete the entire column. Leave the header row in place.

    Image showing column data deleted.

  5. Save the file in CSV format.

  6. In Xero, click Import, then select Items.

  7. Under 3. Import the updated template file, click Browse.

  8. Navigate to the saved CSV file on your computer and select it.

  9. Click Continue.

  10. Click Complete Import.