IMB Building Society direct feeds

Get bank account transactions from IMB Building Society sent into Xero every day. To apply, add your accounts in Xero, check your account types are eligible, then download and complete the application form. Your feed will start in 10 working days.

Eligible account types

  • Everyday (day-to-day) accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Loan accounts
  • Term deposit accounts
If your account type is not eligible

If your account type is not eligible for direct feeds, try one of the following ways to get your account transactions into Xero:

Add your bank account in Xero before applying

Your account number in Xero must match the account number on the application form you send us.

Add your bank account in Xero

Apply for a direct feed

Download and complete a separate form for each organisation in Xero that you want a feed for.

If you want your feed to start on a future date please note this date on your form.

IMB Building Society authority form (PDF 102KB)

Complete these form fields

What's next?

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