View a history and notes summary for transactions and user activity

View a summary of the actions made by all users to your transactions. This audit trail also shows any notes recorded against your organisation's transactions. Only users with the Adviser user role can access the History & Notes Activity report. Only Advisers who are also Payroll Admins can view payroll transactions.

History & Notes Activity report

Below every invoice, bill, contact, inventory item, fixed asset, and other transactions in Xero, you can see a history of the changes made to the item, and any attached notes. For example, the History & Notes section of a paid invoice shows the invoice creation, approval, paid and sent dates, and any notes.

The History & Notes Activity report summarises any history and notes across your organisation, and the history of branding theme changes. You can search for all activity by period, item, and user. Once you've run the report, you can filter your results to narrow the search further.

The report includes the main actions performed in Xero and not actions made for payroll transactions, organisation settings, reporting, printing or exporting.

View the history and notes activity

  1. Go to Adviser, then click History & Notes Activity.
  2. Select the Period to run the report on.

    The options Last week, Last month and Last year run backwards from today's date.

  3. (Optional) From the Items and User lists, select other options to apply to your search.
  4. Click Update. The most recent items that match your search criteria (1000 maximum) are shown.

    Image showing pointer on update button on History & Notes Activity page

Filter your history and notes results

In the Filter Results field, enter the letters or words from any of the results in the Date, Item, Action, User or Notes columns. Your search results filter immediately.

Image showing Filter Results field