Error message - Could not file as user is not authorised

When you're filing your GST Return electronically through Xero, you may get this error message. There are 2 reasons why you might see it.

You're an advisor filing returns on behalf of multiple clients

You may need to wait 30 minutes for your permission from Xero to myIR for one client to expire before you can file for the next client. Alternatively, file the returns directly in myIR.

You're not set up correctly to file online

Check that you have access in myIR to file on behalf of the Xero organisation. You may need someone with myIR access for the organisation to give you access.

Grant others access to your GST account in myIR (Inland Revenue website)

Video: How to grant third party access to your GST account (Inland Revenue video)

Video: How to grant first party access to your GST account (Inland Revenue video)