Error message - You have attempted to file an incorrect return

When you're filing your GST Return electronically through Xero, you may get this error message. This means that Inland Revenue is expecting a different type of GST Return from the return type you filed.

Check with your accountant, bookkeeper or Inland Revenue which return type your organisation should be using. The GST Returns are:

  • GST 101 return, which doesn't include any provisional tax information with the GST Return.
  • GST 103 return, which includes provisional tax information. If Inland Revenue is expecting you to file the GST 103 return type, this will apply even if your provisional tax payment for this period is 0.00, or your organisation pays provisional tax separately from GST.

To correct this error:

  1. On the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. Under the Tax heading, click GST Return.
  3. On the Final Returns tab, click the finalised GST Return you want to file.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the return and click Return to Draft.
  5. Click GST Return at the top of the screen.

    Image showing GST Return clickable link.

  6. Click Edit GST Details.
  7. Under Tax Form:

    • If your current setting is GST Only (GST101), change it to GST and Provisional Tax (GST103), then select your Calculation option.

      Image showing GST103 form selected.

    • If your current setting is GST and Provisional Tax (GST103), change it to GST Only (GST101).

      Image showing GST101 form selected.

  8. Click Save.
  9. On the Due Now tab, click to open the draft GST Return. Complete it and file it with Inland Revenue through Xero.