Delete a registered fixed asset

If you have the Adviser user role, you can delete a registered fixed asset from your register in Xero. You might do this if a registered asset has been entered in error.

About deleting registered fixed assets

  • If you've sold or given away the asset, dispose of the asset in Xero instead.
  • Xero removes the deleted asset from your organisation, including all depreciation and history.
  • Deleting an asset created by a transaction in Xero (like a bill or expense claim) won't affect the original transaction.
  • You can't restore a deleted asset. If you delete an asset in error, you'll need to add it again.
  • You can reuse the deleted asset's asset number.

Deleted a registered asset

  1. On the Accounts menu, select Fixed Assets.
  2. Click the Registered tab.
  3. Click the asset number to open the asset details.
  4. Click Options, then select Delete.
  5. Click Delete to confirm.

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