Find your user role and change your own access to an organisation

Use My Xero to find out what your user role is. If you need to change your access to a Xero organisation, get in touch with your organisation's subscriber or someone with Manage users permission.

Find your user role in a Xero organisation

  1. From the header, click the list icon Image showing the list icon, then select My Xero.
  2. If you have access to multiple Xero organisations, find the relevant organisation. Your user role is show in the Access column on the Home tab.

    Image showing the list of organisation you have access to in My Xero.

You can also find out if you're the subscriber for your organisation in your General Settings.

Check your permissions

If you have the Standard or Adviser role, you have access to the Users screen in Xero. Check this screen to see if you have extra access to your organisation:

  1. Go to Settings, then click General Settings.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Find your name in the user list. Your user roles and any additional permissions are shown beneath your name.

Change your access to an organisation

  • If you have Manage users permission, you can change your own access.
  • If you have the Standard or Adviser user role but don't have Manage users permission, check the Users screen to see who has this permission. Contact them to change access.
  • If you have the Read only or Invoice only user role, in My Xero click on the name in the Subscription column. Contact them to change access.

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