Don't know what expense claims make up all draft & submitted figure on dashboard

If you have a user role that allows you to approve expense claims and you have the expense claims panel showing on your dashboard, you may see a total for all draft & submitted claims. Here's what to do if you're not sure what claims make up the figure.

Where does this total come from?

The all draft & submitted figure is the total of all draft and unapproved claims that have been entered by all users in your Xero organisation. You can't click on this figure to see the claims included in the total.

How can I view the claims?

Draft claims

If a someone in your organisation has entered receipts but not yet submitted the claim for approval, these expenses are included in the all draft & submitted total. Ask the user to submit the claim so you can review the expenses.

Submitted claims

If someone in your organisation has submitted a claim for approval, this claim is also included in the all draft & submitted total.

You can view and approve or decline the claim by clicking the To review link.

Image showing the to review link on the dashboard.

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