Reece Enterprise Connect

Connect your Reece trade account to Xero so your purchase invoices flow automatically into Xero.

Each time an invoice is finalised at Reece, the data is fed directly into Xero, along with a copy of the tax invoice. There’s no charge to connect your Reece account with Xero and no change to how you currently pay your Reece invoices.

To connect to your Reece account:

  1. Log into your maX account via the Reece website.
  2. Under Welcome at the top of the page, select Manage Account.
  3. Click Linked Applications, and then click Link under Xero.
  4. Login to your Xero account and click Allow Access to authorise the transfer of data between your maX account and Xero.
  5. Select the relevant accounts you want your Reece expenses to be coded to and the applicable tax code.
  6. Click Save.