Edit the exchange rate on a transaction

Here's how to edit a foreign currency exchange rate on a transaction in Xero. You may like to edit the rate if the transaction is future-dated or if you have a specific rate from your bank that you need to match to a payment. You'll need the Adviser, Standard or Invoice Only user role to edit an exchange rate.

You can edit the exchange rate on a new or unpaid invoice, bill or credit note, on a new or pending quote or purchase order, or on a spend or receive money transaction.

  1. Either add a new transaction, or find and open the transaction you'd like to edit. For existing transactions, you'll need to select to edit the transaction.
  2. For invoices, bills, credit notes, or spend or receive money transactions, click Exchange Rates.

    Image showing the edit exchange rate link in an invoice.

    For quotes or purchase orders, click Edit.

    Image showing the edit exchange rate link in a quote.

  3. Click in the box and enter the new exchange rate. You can add up to 6 decimal points.
  4. (Optional) Unselect the checkbox if you don't want this exchange rate to be applied to all new transactions on this date.

    Image showing the edit exchange rate menu in a quote.

  5. Click Save.

If you edit the date of a transaction, Xero will automatically change the exchange rate to the applicable daily XE rate.

If you want to retain the original exchange rate as at the original date of the transaction, you can make note of the original exchange rate used and overwrite the automatic exchange rate while editing the transaction.