View contact emails in Xero

Connect your Gmail or Office 365 account to view emails to and from your contacts, directly in Xero. You can save emails to a contact’s Activity tab, add an email to a new invoice, quote, or bill, and download attachments to the contact record.

About viewing emails in Xero

  • View emails between you and your contacts in real time.
  • All emails from your inbox and folders (tags) will be brought into Xero, with no time limit.
  • For each Xero account, you can connect one email account per organisation. You can connect different email accounts for different organisations.
  • Other users in your organisation won't be able to view your emails. To share a specific email with other users in your organisation, add it to the contact's activity tab.
  • Emails will display for a contact if any of the contact's email addresses are in the To, From, or Cc fields. Gmail will also display emails containing the contact name if it matches the exact name entered in the contact field in Xero.
  • Emails deleted from your email account are also removed from Xero.

Actions you can take in the email tab

Image of a list of actions you can take in the email tab.

  • Add an email to the contact's activity tab
    1. Click the arrow next to the email.
    2. Select Add email to activity.

    Once you add an email to activity, other users can view the email in the contact's activity tab. When using this option, a note will be added to the contact's history that can't be edited or deleted.

  • Add emails and attachments to an invoice, quote, or bill
    1. Click the arrow next to the email.
    2. Select Add email to a new invoice, Add email to a new quote, or Add email to a new bill. If there are attachments, they will be added with the email.

    3. Image of a list of actions you can take in the email tab, including downloading attachments.

    The new invoice, quote, or bill will open in a new tab, and the full email thread will automatically be added to the item's History & Notes.

    View History & Notes for invoices, bills, and transactions

  • Save attachments to the contact record
    1. Click the arrow next to the email.
    2. Select Download attachments to contact. This option will only appear when there are attachments.

    You'll see a confirmation when the files are added to the contact record.

    Image of confirmation message.

    To view files attached to the contact record, click the file icon.

    Image of the file icon.

  • View entire email thread

    To view more content, including the entire email thread, click Show more. To collapse content, click Show less.

Connecting Xero to your Gmail or Office 365 account

  1. From the Contacts menu, click All Contacts.
  2. Select a contact.
  3. Below the bar graph, click Email.
  4. Click Connect, then select Gmail or Office 365.
  5. Sign in to your account.
  6. For Gmail, click Allow. For Office 365, click Accept.

Disconnecting your email account

When you disconnect your email account from Xero, any emails you've added to contact activity or transactions will remain.

Gmail: Disconnecting your Gmail account will remove it from all organisations connected to the same account.

Office 365: Disconnecting your Office 365 account will only remove it from the organisation you're currently working in.

To disconnect your email account:

  1. Click Disconnect.
  2. Click Disconnect to confirm.

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