View and work with customer and supplier contacts

View the details you have for your contacts and create a transaction or statement from a contact's details page.

Open the contact details screen

  1. From the Contacts menu, click All Contacts.
  2. Search for a contact by entering the name, email address or account number in the search box.

    There are two ways to search:

    • Enter one character to view contact names starting with that character.

      Image showing list of contact names.

    • Enter two or more characters to view contacts with a name, email address, or account number containing your search term.

      Image showing contacts search results.

  3. Click on a contact name.

You can also get to the contact details screen by:

About contact name and address details

  • The primary person's name will appear as the Contact Person.
  • If the contact was added because a sales invoice, bill or transaction was created in their name, only the name will show. Click Edit to add further information.
  • If you have a contact called 'Unknown', it's likely to have been created by Xero because you used cash coding and left the payee field empty.

Create a sales invoice, quote, bill, credit note, purchase order or statement

Quickly create a sales invoice, quote, bill, credit note, purchase order or statement for a contact.

Create a sales invoice, quote, bill, credit note or purchase order

Click New and select an option.

Image of 'New' button.

Add a sales invoice

Add or edit a credit note for a customer

Add a bill

Add or edit a credit note from a supplier

Create or edit a repeating invoice or bill

Create a quote

Create a purchase order

Create a statement

Click Options, then select Send Statements to view a customer's statement. You can edit the statement settings, print it, and email it to the customer.

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