Business lookup and payment risk

Use the business lookup to quickly add new contacts and view their payment risk. Xero will automatically populate the registered business name, New Zealand Business Number (NZBN), and address in the contact details. Payment risk information is only available for contacts added using the lookup and will be saved to the contact profile.

Business lookup

You can access the business lookup when you add a contact or enter a new customer on an invoice. The lookup will be activated when you type two or more characters in the name field. On the invoice screen, business directory results will display when no existing contact matches your search.

You can search by business name and location, or full NZBN number. To search by name and location, enter one or more words in the business name, followed by any part of the address, such as city or post code. For example, enter "Horizon Newtown" to search for a business starting with "Horizon" and located in Newtown. You can enter up to 20 characters.

Payment risk indicators

A payment risk indicator is an assessment of your contact’s risk of default or non-payment based on payment history, provided by Equifax. There are three risk levels: low, medium, and high.

Payment risk indicators are available:

  • On the invoice screen, when you hover over a name selected from the business directory results in the lookup.

    Image of payment risk indicator.

    For existing contacts, hovering over the name will display the email, address, and phone number.

  • On the contact screen, below the financial details.

To get more information on a business, you can purchase an Equifax SwiftCheck report via the View report link when viewing a contact's payment risk.

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