Release notes: updates to Xero on 15 June 2015

Here's a summary of what we've released:

Cash coding enhancements

You can now do more directly in the Cash Coding tab, making it even easier to reconcile your cash transactions:

  • Automatically skip over statement lines with suggested matches - these are hidden by default. You can choose to see these lines with just one click.

  • Create a new bank rule based on a statement line.

  • Apply an existing bank rule to statement lines.

  • Switch bank accounts while staying in the Cash Coding tab (also available for the Bank Reconciliation tab).

For easier reading and navigation, the screen is now responsive (full-width), has a locked Save & Reconcile button (always visible on the screen), and displays up to 200 statement lines by default.

Reconcile cash transactions using cash coding

New report templates (AU partners only)

More flexible than report packs, the new report templates make it much easier to customise reporting across your practice and at the client level. While you're setting up the new report templates, you can still use your existing report packs.

Report templates in Partner Edition

New receivable and payable reports

You now have four new receivable and payable reports available on the New Reports menu:

Copy and edit a published report

You can now copy and edit any reports you've published from the New Reports or Report Templates menus.

Copy and edit a published report

Insert tables into text blocks in reports

You can now insert and edit tables into text blocks in any of the reports you can access from the New Reports or Report Templates menus.

Add or edit report text blocks

Set an exchange rate for a date range

Do you have a fixed exchange rate that stays the same for days or months? No longer do you need to make a daily update - you can now set a rate for up to a year at a time.