Import or export your budget

Import a new budget or one you've updated, or export a budget that's already in Xero. Your user role controls whether you can create or view a budget.

Rules for importing a budget

Make sure you follow these rules so Xero will import your file:

  • Your budget file must be in the CSV format to import it. If you have a TXT file, you can convert it to CSV.
  • Import files can be incomplete. For example, a subset of accounts or dates.
  • Imported budget data replaces any existing budget data with the same account or date.
  • Account name & number - These are mandatory and must be in the 1st column of the CSV file. For example, 'Interest Income (230)'.
  • Months - Must be in the 1st row and in one of these formats:
    • MM-YYYY. For example, Jan-2012.
    • DD-MM-YYYY. For example, 21-07-2015.
    • MM-DD-YYYY. For example, 07-21-2015.
  • Xero ignores the day of the month so you don't have to import all months. Months and years don't have to be ordered.
  • Blank, zero and negative data - Xero imports cells that contain zero (0.00, or 0) and negative figures. It ignores cells that are blank.

Import a budget into Xero

  1. Go to Reports, then click Budget Manager.

  2. Select the type of budget to import (overall budget or tracking category).

  3. Select the details:

    • The start period.
    • The actual number of periods to compare before the start period.
    • How far forward you want to budget to.
  4. Click Update and then click Import.

    Budget import steps

  5. Click Download template.

  6. Add your data to the downloaded file. If you've already created a budget, copy your data into the downloaded file.

  7. Save the CSV file to your computer.

  8. Browse for, and select the file to import.

  9. Click Import to import the updated budget.

  10. Click Confirm to open the budget in Xero.

Export a budget

  1. Go to Reports, then click Budget Manager.

  2. Select the type of budget to export (overall budget or tracking category).

  3. Click the Export arrow and select the export format.

    If you're exporting your budget to make changes and re-import it into Xero, make sure you use the CSV format.

    Export Budget button

When you authenticate your connection to Google Drive and export to Google Sheets, a connection is made to your Xero account. You can break the connection at any time.

Disconnect Xero from Google Sheets