View the users in an organisation

Users are invited into an organisation at the invitation of the Subscriber, who controls access to the Xero subscription. If you have the Standard or Adviser user role, you can view the list of users in the organisation.

View the users invited into an organisation including their name, role and permissions and status. You can also check if they've enabled two-step authentication and see when they last logged into the organisation.

  1. In the Settings menu, select General Settings.
  2. Click Users.

    Click on the Recent Activity tab to view a list of the last 20 logins to your Xero organisation. On the Users tab you can see the following details for each user.

    NameThe first name and surname of the user. They can change their name in their profile so it may be different to what you entered when you sent an invite.
    PermissionsThe user's assigned role in this organisation, plus any extra permissions (Payroll Administration, Contact Bank Account Admin or Manage Users).
    Two-step authenticationSee if the user has set up two-step authentication on their account.
    • Active – the user can currently log into the organisation.
    • Pending – the new user has not yet accepted their email invitation. Their details and role can be changed, or you can resend the invitation.
    • Declined – the user declined the invitation sent to them. Their details and role can be updated, and another invitation can be resent.
    Last LoginView the time and date each user last logged in to this Xero organisation.
    Logins this weekView the number of times a user has logged in to this organisation over the last 7 days.
    Provide SupportIf you're using Practice Edition, this shows next to users who can be contacted using the 'Ask my adviser' Help menu option.
If you have Practice Administrator or Principal permissions and you're viewing your practice organisation, you'll see a link to Add to Staff. Use this to give a staff member access to your practice organisation.