Assign a billable expense to a customer in Xero for iOS

You can assign an expense to a customer while adding a receipt.

  1. Add a receipt, completing the usual fields
  2. Before submitting the receipt, tap Optional details and select Assign Expense to a Customer.

    If this is the first time you've created a billable expense, you'll need to tap Continue to confirm.

  3. Tap Which customer is it for? Start typing the customer’s name, then select their name from your contacts list. If the customer isn't in your contact list, type their whole name, then tap the tick icon to create a new contact.
  4. Tap Add to submit the receipt.

You'll need to log in to Xero using your web browser to add this expense to a customer's invoice.

If the billable expense is also an expense claim, you'll need to authorise it in Xero before you can add it to a customer's invoice.