Stay Xero certified by earning ongoing certification credits

If you're Xero certified, you'll need to collect 20 certification credits every 12 months to maintain your Xero certification.

How to earn ongoing certification credits

  • You need to collect 20 certification credits for ongoing certification in the 12 months leading up to your expiry date. Earn these credits by taking self-paced learning courses, classroom courses, or webinars.

  • Credits must be specific to your existing certification. You cannot cross-credit between certification programs.

  • You only need 20 certification credits during your renewal period. Although you can complete more than 20 credits, any additional credits you earn won't increase your certification credit balance or carry over to the next renewal period.

  • Use the search and filter in Xero U to find the courses with certification credits. You'll see the number of credits you can earn on each course.

    Image showing certification credits.

Self-paced learning courses

Complete the course to receive your certification credits.

  1. Go to Xero U (Xero U website).
  2. On the home page, click the plus icon next to Further refine your search, and then select an option under Certification credits. Make sure you only select one option in this column.
  3. Select a self-paced course.
  4. In the details page for the course, click Launch course.
  5. Log in to your Xero account if you haven’t already.
  6. In the course page, click Launch and work through the course.

Webinars and classroom courses

You can also enrol in webinars and classroom courses in Xero U in the same way you enrol in self-paced courses. For some of these courses you only need to attend to receive credit, while for others you may need to complete a knowledge check as well. If you do need to do a knowledge check, your presenter will explain how to complete it. You'll see your certification credits on your balance within a few days of completing the course.

What happens when you reach your 20 certification credits target

Keep track of your certification credit balance and certification status in Xero U. Once you earn your 20 certification credits, you’ll be certified for another 12 months automatically and your status will show as Certified.

When it's time for you to start working toward recertification again, we'll reset your credit balance to 0 so you can start earning towards your 20 certification credit total. In the meantime, you can continue to take courses and grow your knowledge, but your credit balance won't increase.