Choose or change your clients' pricing plans in My Xero Partner Edition

If you're an accountant or bookkeeper, you may want to put some clients on Business Edition pricing plans and some on Partner Edition pricing plans. Use this page to find out about Xero's pricing plans and how to change your clients' pricing plans.

Partner Edition pricing plans

With Partner Edition, you can put your clients on these pricing plans:

    • Ledger

      Annual accounts preparation for fully managed clients.

      • Clients have read only access
      • Can't set up bank feeds
      • No tax reporting
      • Practice staff have additional access to assist setting up and managing their clients
      • Clients can have only the Managed Client role

    • Cashbook

      For managed clients who don't require invoicing.

      • Clients can have limited access to bank accounts and reporting
      • Practice staff have additional access to assist setting up and managing their clients
      • Tax reporting
      • Clients can have the Managed Client role, the Cashbook Client role, or the Adviser role.

If your client's organisation is on a Partner Edition pricing plan, you won't be able to save invoices, credit notes, bills, quotes or purchase orders. You also won't have access to multi-currency.

If you would like to offer Partner Edition pricing plans to your clients

Business Edition pricing plans

Find out about Xero's Business Edition pricing plans so you can advise your clients on the plans that best suit them.

Xero pricing

About changing your client's pricing plan

  • Only the Principal, Practice Administrator, or a staff member with access to billing accounts can change the pricing plan for a client.
  • You can move a client to a new pricing plan within Partner Edition or Business Edition or between editions.
  • The type of billing account you have determines what kind of organisations you can add for your clients:
    • You need access to a Partner Edition billing account to add organisations on a Partner Edition billing plan.
    • You need access to a Business Edition billing account to add organisations on a Business Edition billing plan.
  • You can change a client to a bigger plan at any time. You can change a client to a smaller plan only after they've been on a plan for 30 days.
If you or your client has paid in advance and they downgrade part way through a prepaid monthly period, you or your client can choose to downgrade immediately or wait until the end of that period. If you or your client downgrade immediately, there won't be a credit for the remaining period.

Change your client's pricing plan

  1. From the header, click the list icon Image showing the list icon, then select My Xero.

  2. Find the organisation you want and click its Info link.

    Image of the My Xero screen's Info link.

  3. Click Options, then select Change pricing plan.

    Image of the subscription options with Change pricing plan' selected.

    You can also access your subscription options from within an organisation. In the Settings menu, select Subscription, then click Manage Subscription to show the options in a new browser window.

  4. Choose the pricing plan you want to change to.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. (Optional) Choose the roles and permissions to the organisation's users if they're different from the previous pricing plan, then click Continue.
  7. Check that your billing contact and payment details are correct, then click Confirm.