Your Xero Advisor Directory listing

Set up your Xero Advisor Directory listing so potential clients can find you more easily, and your existing clients can learn more about you. Enter information about your practice, such as contact details, office locations, and staff members. The Advisor Directory uses information from your client base to add your app and industry expertise.

How it works

You need the Administrator or Master administrator Xero HQ user role to access and manage your Xero Advisor Directory listing.

When you first set up your Xero Advisor Directory listing, Xero HQ guides you through the process. All of your information is saved automatically, so you can stop at any point and pick up again where you left off. You can update your published listing on the Advisor Directory whenever you need to, and you can remove it from the Advisor Directory at any time. You can also preview your listing before you publish it to make sure it looks exactly the way you want it to.

To have your listing published you need to achieve at least Bronze Partner status ( website), have a minimum of one Xero certified staff member, and provide certain key details about your practice. At a minimum, we need:

  • Your practice name
  • A full description of your practice
  • A contact email address
  • The location of at least one of your offices, if you have one
To ensure that your listing highlights your industry expertise correctly, go to Explorer and update the industries for all of your clients. This will also raise your visibility when someone is searching the Xero Advisor Directory based on industry.

Set up your Xero Advisor Directory listing

  1. Go to Practice and select Advisor Directory, then enter the details for following:
    • Practice details - basic information about your practice, including your logo, the name and description of your practice, and how many staff you have
    • Contact information - ways for clients to contact you, including email and telephone, and the location of your office
    • Your staff - the Xero-certified members of your staff that you want to feature on your listing
  2. When you have finished, click Publish.
  3. Agree to the terms of use, then click Publish.

Your listing will be published within 2 hours. When it is, you will see a View listing link under About.

If you haven't set up your listing previously, Xero HQ will walk you through the process the first time you go to Practice and click Let's start.

Change your listing

To update your listing:

  1. Go to Practice and select a section from the list on the left.
  2. Make your changes, and then click Update listing.
  3. Agree to the terms of use, then click Publish.

To unpublish your listing simply click Unpublish in any of the sections, and then confirm your decision.