Getting started with Xero HQ

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of Xero HQ. A little preparation beforehand can make the process of moving your practice to the Xero HQ platform much smoother.

Before you import your clients from Xero Practice Manager

  • Check the organisation type for your clients

    The organisation type is transferred from Xero Practice Manager to Xero HQ when you sync. Review and update (Xero Partner Products Help Centre) these details in Xero Practice Manager prior to importing your clients to make sure the data is correct.

  • Review staff access to your clients

    The Xero HQ activity feed publishes alerts specific to the clients that a staff member has access to. If you have a lot of clients, chances are not every staff member needs access to all of them. While staff members can remove and dismiss alerts by type or client in the activity feed, determining who has access to which clients before you start can save time later on.

  • Archive former and inactive clients

    Xero HQ imports all of your existing Xero Practice Manager clients when you sync, including clients you are no longer engaged with. To make sure your client list is as accurate as possible in Xero HQ, archive old clients in Xero Practice Manager first.

Maximise the value of your Xero Advisor Directory listing

  • Get - and stay - Xero certified

    To have your listing published in the Xero Advisor Directory you need to have at least one Xero certified staff member. Make sure your certification is up-to-date so potential clients can find you more easily.

  • Add or update your clients' industries

    The Advisor Directory uses information from your client base to add your industry expertise, so accurate information about your client's industry makes your listing more accurate.

  • Put your practice in the spotlight

    Optimise your Xero Advisor Directory listing ( website).