Merge duplicate clients imported from Xero Practice Manager into Xero HQ

After you import your clients from Xero Practice Manager, review your clients and merge possible duplicates.

Merging clients only affects clients in Xero HQ. Your Xero Practice Manager clients remain unchanged.

How it works

When you import your clients, Xero HQ compares the names and other details in both systems to identify possible duplicate clients. It then lists any duplicates as follows:

  • Perfect Matches are clients that have identical details.
  • Near Matches are clients that are similar but have some small differences in their email, telephone number, or addresses.

You can merge all of the clients in the Perfect Matches group at once. You can then review the clients in the Near Matches group case-by-case and merge them if appropriate.

If you choose to merge clients, the values from Xero Practice Manager or Xero are used. If there are differences between the emails, telephone numbers, or addresses, Xero HQ simply adds another email, telephone number, or address to the client rather than overwriting the existing one.

Review and merge clients

  1. Click Review to see a list of possible duplicate clients.
  2. Click a client name to view the details of the potential duplicates.
  3. Click:
    • Merge to combine the client in Xero HQ
    • Keep all client records separate if you do not want to combine them
  4. For exact matches, you have the option to click Merge all and combine all duplicates without reviewing each one individually.

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