Clients in Xero HQ

Learn more about clients in Xero HQ. Work with the clients list, and drill into the details of a client.

The clients list

The Clients tab lets you see all of your clients in a single list. Each entry in the list gives you an overview of the client, including the client's logo, name, and email address or telephone number or both. Click the client's name to see and add more information for the client, such as notes or additional contact details, or to view and act on activity alerts for the client.

If the client is connected to a Xero organisation, you'll see Go to Xero as the primary action. For organisations you've been invited into, you may have the option to add the organisation to your practice.

If the  Image of the disabled Go to Xero button button has been disabled, you do not have access to the client's Xero organisation.

Menu icon

Your choices when you click the menu icon Xero HQ menu icon depend on your user role, and the type of client.

Menu itemAvailable toWhenLets you
Edit details

Administrator and Master administrator users by default

Standard users with 'Can edit' permission for the client

The client is activeView and update the details for the client
Staff accessAdministrator and Master administrator usersThe client is activeSelect which role and permissions you would like each staff member to have in the organisation
Manage subscription

Administrator and Master administrator users if the practice owns the subscription

All users if the user owns the subscription

The client is active, and practice or user owns the subscriptionManage the subscription for the client
Connect to XeroAdministrator and Master administrator usersThe client is not connected to XeroSet up a Xero organisation for the client
ArchiveAdministrator and Master administrator usersThe client is not connected to XeroArchive the client

You can use groups to reduce the number of clients in the list, and you can also search for a client by name.

Client details

You can click a client's name to see more information about the client. Select one of the follow tabs:

The client details card, found on the right side of the screen, lets you update the client's details.

You cannot drill into the client details for an organisation you've been invited into.