Workpapers alerts

Filter the activity feed to show only Workpapers alerts. Learn more about each alert type and what you can do with it.

How it works

  • Workpapers alerts are generated by the same notifications found on the Settings tab in Workpapers (Partner Products Help Centre). However, you do not need to turn on a notification for it to appear in the Workpapers activity feed in Xero HQ.
  • Alerts only show for clients of your practice. You also need to import the data from your client’s Xero account before you’ll see the alerts (Partner Products Help Centre).
  • The action for all Workpapers alerts is the same. Click View to go to the workpaper pack associated with the alert and perform the next step in the process to resolve the alert.

Alert types

Workpapers alerts can be further filtered by sub-type. Xero HQ shows Workpapers alerts for the following.


Any of the Workpapers alerts listed below can be listed as Overdue if the date for completing a task has passed. You must enter the relevant dates for Job Start Date and Job Due Date for a workpaper pack before a Workpapers alert will show as Overdue.


  • Pack assigned - The workpaper pack has been assigned, but it is not in progress and the start date has not passed.

To action

  • Client queries submitted - Client queries have been submitted.

  • Review points to action - The workpaper pack has been reviewed by the manager or partner who has added review points and sent the pack back to the preparer to act on.

  • Pack due to start - The workpaper pack has been assigned and the start date has passed, but the pack is not in progress.

  • Pack due to finish - The workpaper pack is in progress but not completed, and the finish date has not passed.

To review

  • Ready for review - The workpaper pack is ready for review by a manager or partner.