The Xero subscriber

Your subscriber is the person Xero has on record as being responsible for your organisation. Only the subscriber can update your organisation’s billing information and payment details. An invited user can't remove the subscriber from an organisation.

About the subscriber role

Every organisation has one subscriber. They may be the person who set up Xero for you, or who had the subscriber role transferred to them when someone left.

Only your organisation's subscriber can:

The subscriber has Manage Users access by default. They control the level of access that users invited into Xero have to a subscription, including giving or removing Manage Users access. They can't remove their own Manage Users access.

Give a user Manage Users access to Xero

User role options for subscribers

In Business Edition, if you're the subscriber you'll have the Standard + All Reports user role by default. You can change your own role to Adviser if you need full access to Xero.

Change a user's role or permissions

In Partner Edition, you will be the subscriber if you're setting up a client to use Xero Cashbook. You must have the Adviser user role.

Adviser user role

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