GST in Singapore

Singapore tax rates are automatically loaded for organisations that are set up with Singapore as their country.

Default tax rates

If your organisation is based in Singapore, Xero provides tax rates relevant to Singapore. Using these tax rates will produce the correct codes for your IAF audit file.

NameTax Rate
Deemed Supplies7%
Disallowed Expenses7%
Exempt Purchases0%
Imports under a Special Scheme0%
Imports under the Import GST Deferment Scheme0%
Non-Regulation 33 Exempt Supplies0%
Out Of Scope Purchases0%
Out Of Scope Supplies0%
Partially Exempt Traders Non-Regulation 33 Exempt7%
Partially Exempt Traders Regulation 33 Exempt7%
Partially Exempt Traders Residual Input tax7%
Partially Exempt Traders Standard-Rated Purchases7%
Purchases from Non-GST Registered Suppliers0%
Regulation 33 Exempt Supplies0%
Standard-Rated Purchases7%
Standard-Rated Supplies7%
No Tax0%
Zero-Rated Purchases0%
Zero-Rated Supplies0%