Subscription transfers

The subscriber for your Xero organisation is the only person who can transfer a subscription. The new subscriber will need to accept the transfer, they will then become responsible for the monthly subscription payments to Xero.

How it works

The current subscriber

  • The subscriber can transfer the subscriber role from a trial organisation or from a paid organisation (as long as the subscription payments are up-to-date). The role can be transferred to anyone else, they don't have to use Xero yet.
  • The current subscriber will receive a confirmation email when the transfer is complete, or if the invited subscriber logs in and declines the transfer.
  • They will keep their user role and permissions, if the new subscriber doesn't change the user access.

The new subscriber

  • Will need to click the link in the email they received from Xero and accept the transfer. Once accepted, they must set up their billing details to complete the transfer (if it is a paid organisation, not a trial).
  • They will have the Standard user role with Manage Users permission
If you'd like to transfer a considerable number of organisations, contact us and we'll let you know what you need to do. Use the Contact Xero Support button at the end of this Help page.