Change the subscriber for an organisation in your practice

If you have Principal permission within a Xero practice, you can transfer your subscriber role for a specific organisation to someone else. The person who takes over your subscriber role becomes responsible for the monthly subscription payments to Xero. Transferring a subscription doesn't change staff access to an organisation.

The organisation must be on a business edition plan. You'll need to upgrade their plan before you do the transfer, if they're on a partner edition plan.

How it works

The current subscriber

The subscriber can transfer the subscriber role:

  • from an organisation in your practice, as long as it's on a business edition plan
  • from an organisation you're paying for, as long as the subscription payments are up-to-date
  • to anyone else - they don't have to use Xero yet, and may be someone else in your practice.
  • You'll receive a confirmation email when the transfer is complete, or if the person logs in and declines the transfer.
  • You keep other user role and permissions, if the new subscriber doesn't change your user access.

The new subscriber

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