Pay Run by Employee report (for Xero's Pay Run feature)

The Pay Run by Employee report shows amounts paid to an individual employee, or all employees, in a period that you can select. It breaks down each employee's pay by pay item, and provides totals for each pay type. You can also display pay runs within the period and get more detail for each account.

This report is only available to users with Payroll Admin access.

To run the Pay Run by Employee report:

  1. Under Reports, select All Reports.
  2. Click Pay Run Reports, then select Pay Run by Employee. Xero sets defaults the report settings to show the current month and all employees.
  3. (Optional) Refine the report settings by:
    • Under Employee, select an employee name to run the report for only that employee. The All option shows all employees in your organisation even if they haven't been paid during the selected period.
    • Under From and To, select a date range to display amounts paid for each pay item within that date range, sorting items by payment date, not by pay period.
    • Select the Show Pay Runs checkbox to add extra columns to the report displaying each pay run for the selected period. Xero lists these by pay run number and date.

      Use the default settings or change them and click update to generate the report again.

  4. Click Update to create the report, and to apply any settings changes you have made.