Budget Summary report

The Budget Summary displays the budget you have prepared using Xero’s Budget Manager in report format.

Your user role determines if you can access this report, and if so, if you can save, publish or just view it.

Run the Budget Summary report

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. Under Financial, click Budget Summary.
  3. Select a budget.

    If you have not set up a budget for tracking categories, an 'Overall Budget' will be the only one available.

  4. Select the month you want to start from.
  5. Under Period, select how many months at a time you want to display in each column. You can view each month individually or grouped in blocks of 2, 3, 6 or 12 months.
  6. Under Number of periods to show, choose how many time blocks you want to show.
  7. Click Update.

From here, you can export the report into any format as usual. You can also publish the report, if you have the Adviser user role.

View the report

The report will show any revenue or expense accounts that have amounts budgeted in the Budget Manager.

Click on an account name to view the Account Summary Report for that account.

Depending on the status of the report and your role you will be able to export, archive or edit it.