Project Details report

The Project Details report shows an overview of the activity of your projects, and a summary of your project's financials and profitability. You must be Projects enabled and have access to Reports to view and generate reports from the Projects section of the Reports tab.

Your user role will determine whether you can see this report, and whether you can save and publish or just view it.

When you run the Project Details report it will show activity on all projects with the selected Project State as at the selected date. There must be activity on the project for it to appear on the report. For example, you added time to a task, or created an invoice from the project.

Access and run the Project Details report

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.

  2. Under Projects, click Project Details.

  3. Select a Project State and Date.

  4. Click Update to view your report.

  5. Image showing selection of project detail report date range.

Refine the Project Details report settings

Click Report Settings to refine your report settings or apply filters.

Report settings button

Project Details report settings explained

Image of project detail report settings.

Project State

The status of the projects to include in the report:

  • All - all projects in your organisation.
  • In progress - projects that are currently active.
  • Closed - projects that you have closed, such as completed projects.

Date Range

The report will show all project activity from the start of the project up to the selected date. Choose to see project activity as at:

  • Today - the day you run the report.
  • End of Last Month, End of Last Quarter, or End of Last Financial Year - the last day of the selected period.
  • Custom - the day you select from the date drop-down menu.

For example, if you wanted to see how your projects tracked month over month, you could run the Project Details report at the end of each month and select the End of Last Month option.


Numbers will show to 2 decimal places by default. To show only round numbers, clear the Show decimals checkbox.


Set whether transaction data is grouped or summarised on your report and what variable it is gathered by. Select:

  • Standard for no grouping.
  • Group By... to list transactions by your selected variable.
  • Summarise By... to display sum totals only for your selected variable.


Select the checkbox for each column you want to show on the report. Clear a checkbox to hide a column.

Project details report custom columns

Add a filter

Click Add a filter and select a column to filter by, then enter or select details. As you add more filters, the report displays results based on all your filters combined.

project details report filter options