GST Audit report

The GST Audit report shows the transactions that make up the GST paid by your organisation. If you are on a Premium plan the audit report shows multi-currency items in base and transaction currency.

Image of the GST Audit Report.

Access or run the GST Audit report

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. Under Tax, click GST Audit.
  3. Select a date, then click Update to view your report.

Customise your report

Click Report Settings to customise your report.

View your results

The data displayed in the report is dependent on the accounting basis and transaction type. Certain columns will only be viewable if you have transactions in foreign currencies.


Contact name displays.

You'll also see the description from the line on the original transaction.

Gross (Source), Tax (Source), Net (Source)

Amounts shown in the currency the transaction was made in.


Currency applied to the transaction.

Exchange Rate

The Exchange rate shown is the rate at the time of conversion.

Gross, Tax, Net

Amounts shown in Singapore dollars.