Run the Fixed Asset Reconciliation report (New)

Run the Fixed Asset Reconciliation report to reconcile your balance sheet and your fixed asset register. You can view opening and closing balances and debit and credit movements.

About the Fixed Asset Reconciliation report

  • This is an improved report. It replaces the previous Fixed Asset Reconciliation report, which you can still run.
  • Only registered fixed assets are included on the report. Draft fixed assets are not included.
  • Before you run this report, we recommend you make sure your fixed asset register is up to date, and run depreciation.
  • If your organisation has multiple asset types with the same asset account but different accumulated depreciation accounts, or the same accumulated depreciation account with different asset accounts, the report will not reconcile. You'll need to perform a manual reconciliation instead.

Access and run the report

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. Under Fixed Assets, click Fixed Asset Reconciliation (New).
  3. Select a date range then click Update to view your report.

    Image showing date range.

Customise your report

Click Report Settings to customise your report.

Image showing report settings link.

The number of display options included in your report determines whether your report prints in portrait format or landscape format.

Edit the report's title

  1. Hover over the report's title and click Edit Title when it appears.

    Image showing edit title link.

  2. Make your change to the report's title, then hit Enter on your keyboard to save your change.

Insert content

Click Insert Content to insert text blocks into your report to provide additional information to users.