Export a report to print or save as a spreadsheet

Export one of Xero's new style reports as a printable file, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or Google Sheets spreadsheet. You can do this from the Drafts, Custom, Published or Archived tabs or from within a report when you have it open.

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. Select the tab the report is on. (Custom, Drafts, Published or Archived.)
  3. Click the menu icon menu icon to the right of the report you want to export, then select your preferred export format: printable (PDF), Google Sheets or Excel.

    Image of the Published tab with the overflow menu open and Export to PDF selected.

  4. Save or open your exported report.

You can also export reports from the Export button within the report itself.

When you authenticate your connection to Google Drive and export to Google Sheets, a connection is made to your Xero account. You can break the connection at any time.