View recoding history

View information about transactions that have been recoded using Find & Recode, including the date, recoding status, who approved the recode, and details about all changes made.

History of Recoded Transactions

You can view a list of all prior recoding activity and information about each recode in the History of Recoded Transactions. To view the history, go to the Adviser menu and select Find & Recode.

Image showing table columns, including Date, Audit Report, Transactions Affected, Transaction Dates, Approved By, and Status.

You can view the following information about each recode:

  • Date - the date the recoding activity took place

  • Audit report - provides a link to details about the recoding activity

  • Transactions affected - the number of lines recoded and the total number of transactions

  • Transaction dates - the date range of the transactions recoded

  • Approved by - the name of the adviser who completed the recode

  • Status - the status of the recode

    Recode methodStatus

    Recoded on source transaction


    Completed with errors

    Recoded using a manual journal

    Journal posted (link to manual journal)

    Draft journal created awaiting posting (link to draft journal)

You can view information about which transactions had errors in the Recode Summary.

Recode Summary

To view details about a particular recode, go to the History of Transactions table, then click Summary.

View the following information about the recode:

  • Date of recode
  • Adviser who completed the recode
  • Link to the original search query used to find the group of transaction lines recoded
  • List of items recoded (contact, account, tax rate, and tracking categories) and their new values
  • Status
  • Number of transactions and transaction lines affected by the recode
  • Date range of the transactions
  • Table of transactions recoded

Transactions recoded table

Image showing table columns, including Date, Contact, Reference, Transaction Type, Total, Status.

The following information will be displayed for each transaction:

  • Transaction status - to view the transaction status, mouse over the icon displayed in the first column of each line.

    Image showing mouse hover over transaction type icon.

  • Date of transaction

  • Contact

  • Reference

  • Transaction type

  • Transaction total

  • Status

Click anywhere along the row of a transaction to view the original transaction. The transaction details will open in a new browser tab. If the transaction wasn't recoded due to an error, the recode activity won't be listed in the transaction’s History & Notes.

History & Notes

Transaction history and notes

The History & Notes section of a transaction will display information about the recode and pre-recoding details.

Link to Recode Summary: In the Details column, click recoded. The recode summary will open in a new browser tab.

View pre-recoded items: In the Details column, click Show pre-recoded items. The item recoded will be specified, and you will see the following pre-recode information about each line item:

  • Item code
  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Unit price
  • Discount
  • Account
  • Tax rate
  • Tracking categories (if applicable)
  • Line total

View manual journal: In the Details column, click manual journal. The manual journal will open in a new browser tab.

If the transaction wasn't recoded due to an error, the recode activity won't be listed in the History & Notes.

Manual journal history and notes

To view information about the transactions recoded, go to the Details column and click here. The recode summary will open in a new browser tab.

Image showing the word 'here' selected.