Using non-Roman characters and hiding decimals in new reports

The best character set to use in new reports for languages other than English and how to hide decimals for currencies such as Japanese Yen in new reports.

Use UTF-8 characters in new reports

You might find this useful if you need to provide management reports to non-English-speaking stakeholders. We recommend you use the UTF-8 character set when you:

UTF-8 characters will work in any of our new reports, accessible from New Reports on the Reports menu.

Hide decimals in new reports

Numbers in reports use 2 decimal places by default. You can change this in our new financial reports (Profit and Loss, Movements in Equity and Balance Sheet), accessible from New Reports on the Reports menu.

To hide decimals on one of these reports, open Report Settings and unselect the Show decimals checkbox.

Image showing user clicking the Show decimals check box in a report's settings.