Customise the Balance Sheet layout for system and secondary accounts

Create a custom layout to group system and secondary accounts on the Balance Sheet. To further customise their display on reports, you can also rename these accounts in the chart of accounts.

Group system and secondary accounts on the Balance Sheet

By default, the Balance Sheet displays a balance for each account with:

  • Unpaid invoices or bills against the system account
  • Manual journal accruals against the secondary account

To group these accounts so they'll show as a single line on the report:

  1. Run the Balance Sheet report.
  2. Click Edit Layout.
  3. Hold the CTRL or Command key on your keyboard and click the system and secondary accounts that you want to group.
  4. Click Group Selection.
  5. In the Group panel on the right-hand side, name your group and choose the settings you need.
  6. Click and drag your new group into the position you want it on the report.
  7. Click Done to confirm your changes to the layout.

Rename system and secondary accounts for reports (optional)

If you want, you can also rename system and secondary accounts in the chart of accounts. You can name them anything you like, but they must be unique.

For example, if you created a secondary account called 'Accounts Receivable 2' for the system account 'Accounts Receivable', you can:

  1. Rename the system account as 'Accounts Receivable (system)'
  2. Rename the secondary account 'Accounts Receivable 2' to 'Accounts Receivable'.

When you create a report that includes the secondary account, it displays as 'Accounts Receivable' instead of 'Accounts Receivable 2'.

Image showing the renamed system and secondary accounts.