View time entries in Projects

View the time entries you’ve entered on all your projects during a certain period of time. If you have more than one Project User in your organisation you can also view their time entries.

View your own or someone else’s time entries

  1. In the Projects menu, select Time entries.

  2. From the Time entries menu, either:

    • Select Your time to view your own time entries.

    • If there are other Project Users in your organisation, select their name from the list to view their time entries.

      Image showing selecting a user to view their time entries

  3. Click the date you want to view time entries for. To change the date range, click the dropdown and select a period of time, or choose a date from the calendar.

    Image showing calendar

This will generate a list of all the time entries made by the selected staff member on the date you’ve chosen. Each entry shows the contact name, project name, and any description made on the time entry.